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I am a Traveling American Visual Artist. Working in Photography, Digital Imagery, and Graphic Design. My time is occupied by being a Student, independent Graphic Designer, and Photographer based in Clarksville, Tennessee. I specialize in working with non-profit organizations. As your creative partner, I can work with you remotely or in-person, supporting you in branding and marketing projects digital or print formats.

Behind the Wacom and Camera.

I am married to a wonderful lady, who is an encourager and supporter of my goals and aspirations. She by far is my biggest fan! We have four children, two above 21 and two below. We also recently, January 2018, became grandparents, a wonderful experience. Of course, as a photographer, if I wasn’t holding my grandbaby, I was holding my camera. Before I started my path of higher education, I honorably served and retired after 24 years in the U.S. Army. During my career, I’ve had the privilege of visiting and living in numerous locations throughout the United States as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Republic of South Korea and Greece to highlight a few. I am often asked, if I had to name one skill I learned (and developed) the most, it would be, to expect change, to not be flexible; but, fluid. No matter the amount of planning and rehearsing, the unexpected happens, expect it.

Why Graphic Design and Photography?

I initially sought a degree in Business, I quickly learned that was not for me and switched to Graphic Design; I’ve been at home ever since. The degree I’m pursuing is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography at Austin Peay State University (APSU), Clarksville Tennessee. My most memorable event so far at APSU was the summer of 2017, a study abroad in Italy. It was a time I will never forget. While there, we walked an average of seven miles a day visiting more historical places than I can count. Also, I knocked one off the bucket list, I saw Raphael’s School of Athens. I could raddle on about this trip; however, I will stop with, it was awesome!

Memorable Moments At APSU.

While at APSU, I have served as a Staff Photographer/Photo Journalist for the University News Paper, The All-State. What an honor it was to be accepted and participate in an organization that has served the Austin Peay community since 1930. While at The All-State, the high-point was to be selected to shoot the Solar Eclipse of 2017. What a treat it was to be in the location where we received 100% totality. Currently, I am an Intern Photographer with the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts (CECA) at APSU. A privilege and an honor it is, to serve in an organization that supports the creative arts at the University, the local community, and the Southeast region.

A Final Thought.

My favorite Renaissance artist is Leonardo di Vinci. Not only was he a flawless artist, he was an inventor of machines and concepts that were well ahead of their time, as well as a revolutionary in multiple other disciplines. Even though he was exceptionally talented and brilliant, he was authentic. His quote “Saper Vedere”, it’s Latin for “Knowing how to See”, speaks volumes about him as a person. It is that statement and visionary mindset I embrace as I work and approach projects.

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