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1315 1345 1365 1501 1515 1520 1530 1534 1555 1574 1600 1601 1602 1642 1737 1834 1837 1845 1865 1870 1914 1941 2017 'ohi'a lehua 1 to 1 scale of the one in the braccio nuovo 103 x 74 cm 112 157 cm 120 x 92 cm 1600 to 1601 16inch 16inch guns 16th 1743 the date that extinguished the medici dynasty. daughter of grad duke cosimo iii and marguéritelouise dorléans. anna maria is frequently referred to as the palatine electress because of her marriage to johann wilhelm von der pfalz neuburg. 180 x 152 cm 184 176 cm 18th to 19th century 222 x 315 cm 248 x 170 cm 27 x 17 300 x 203 cm 36 x 26 cm 3d 410 x 279 cm 70 x 67 cm 99 oil lamps burn along the railing that circles the shrine and along the two semicircular ramps a closer look at the fruits of the continents a lenos sarcophagus with processus consularis abbey able above raphael tomb above the spanish steps above the west end of the forum rome abraham abutilon abutilon pictum acanthaceae family accademia access hole accompanied by members of his familysouth face accordion accurate achille achille funi achiote acorn acorn handrail acts acts of the apostles ch 12 verse 5 to 12 adam adoration adoration of the magi ael immediately after the segnatura aeneas aeneas and anchises and ascanius aerial diminution aerial perspective africa after the elevator looking in the dome after the elevator looking up the dome agatha age of caligula agnello agnolo bronzino agostino agrippa aisle aisles aka church of the most holy name of jesus at the argentina aka il porcin aka il pulcin aka mons saturnius albizia albizia saman alessandro alessandro allori alexander alexander the great algardi alighieri allegory allori alone along the tiber alpinia alpinia purpurata altar altar of augustan altar of augustan peace altar of peace altar of st. joseph altarpiece altemps chapel alter alternata alys am amaranth amatrice ambrose ambulatory america amore ananias anastasio anchises ancient ancient city wall and mary of cleophas andrea andrea del verrocchio and apprentice leonardo da vinci andrea di cione andrea pozzo angel angelico angels animal annatto anne annibaldi annibale annibale carracci annunciation annunciation chapel anselm kiefer antonia minor antoninus antonio antonio raggi antonio sarti aphrodite apodyterium apodyterium changing room apollo apollo and daphne apostle apostles apostoli apostolic palace apotheose apotheose of sant'ignazio apparatus appearing apprentices botticelli botticini lorenzo di credi and leonardo da vinci apse ara pacis arch arch of septimius arch of titus archaeological archangel arches archimedes architec architectural element architecture archway archways area of the temple of jupiter capitolinus argentina aristotle arizona ark arma dei carabinieri arnaldo pomodoro an italian sculptor arno arno river arris art art academy artemisia gentilesch artwork ascanius asia assassination assisi assistant assumption assumption of the virgin and saints laurence benedict mary magdalen scholastica at gbe saint andrea de scaphis at the top piazza trinità dei monti athens atmospheric optics attila augustine augustinian augustinians augustus augustus as pontifex maximus augustus of prima porta aurelian aurelian wall autumn awakening baby baccio baccio bandinelli baciccia baciccio backdrop bailica bailica aemilia baker baker terentius neo and his wife balcony baldacchino baldauarre peruzzi in 1511 frescoed the vault banana bandinelli baptist baptistery baptistery of saint john barberini bardi bark barocca barocci baroque baroque style barrel barrel vault bars bartholomew bartolini bartolomeo base of stairs basilica basilica di saint agostino basilica di san lorenzo basilica nova basilica of holy mary of the martyrs basilica of maxentius basilica of maxentius and constantine basilica of san pietro in vincoli basilica of the holy cross basilica ulpia basin basket basquiat bass bass pro shops bassano bath bath complex baths of diocletian bathtub battista battle battleship battleship row battling bay bb63 beach bear head beato beato angelico beauregard beauregard parish beauregard tourist commission beaver beaver moon bee bee relief on wall beehive bees beetle beheading behind the french embassy behind the palazzo farnese french embassy bell bell shaped bell tower below zero belvedere benaglia bench benedict bernard bernardo bernini big cypress lodge big mo bike bike seat bird birds birth bistro 215 bixa bixa orellana black black and white black white blessing bloo bloom blossom blue blue ginger blue ridge mountains boar hunt board boards boardwalk boat bob bodies body bohemia bokeh bonaguida bondone bone bones bonzi book borghese borghese gallery and museum borghini botanical garden of rome botticelli botticelli room boulogne boxer at rest boy boy with a basket of fruit boy with a dog braccio braccio nuovo bracts bramante bramantino branches breakfast bregno bridge bridge over via giulia bright brightly colored red bracts broke sword bronze bronze geese bronze heracles bronze urn by algardi bronzino brunelleschi brutus caesar's murder bud buddhism buddhist bug building burgundy buried burning bus stop bush bw byodo in bystander c. 1663 c. 45 83 cm each section of the predella caccia cacus cafe' cain caldarium caldarium hot baths caligula called the barocci called the caravaggio calling callixtus calotte calydonian boar hunt cambi camillus campanile campo de' fiori campsis campsis radicans candle candle lit candles canestro canine canopy canopy of state canton canvas capalti capitals capitol hill capitoline capitoline hill capitoline museums capponi capranica capranica chapel car carabinieri caravaggio cardinal cardinal d'alençon carmelite carolina carracci carrying weapons cart casa per ferie suore oblate dell' assunzione cast castor castor and pollux casts casualty casualty list cat cathedral catholic cavalletti cavallini ceiling ceiling repair cellini cemetery cenotaph centaur center altar center left sail are venus and cupid center right sail is mercury central central panel 178 89 cm central vault century cerasi cerasi chapel cesare da sesto chains chains of st. peter changing chapel chaple chiaramonti chiaroscuro chiesa chiesa del gesu chiesa di san bernardo alle terme chigi child children chilean chinese chinese lantern chiostro chiostro del bramante chloe chloé choir christ christ child christ entrance into jerusalem christi christian church church of saint peter in chains church of san bernardo church of san lorenzo in miranda church of st. bernard at the hot springs baths church of the gesù church relics cigar cione circular circular staircase circumcision cista citizens city of deridder city view claudia claves clay and straw clementino clerestory cloister close up closed closeup cloud clouds cluster clusters coat of arms coccinea cola dell' amatrice cola di rienzo cold cold moon collaborators collegiate gothic colonnade colonnades color colored colori frutti colors colossal bronze statue of constantine left hand colossal statue of sitting rome colosseum colosseum from palatine hill colossus column column of flavian palace aka domus flavia column of phocas columns commissioned commissioned by girolamo vittrice for his family chapel in s. maria in vallicella chiesa nuova in rome commissioned by meddalena oddi for the church of s. francesco al prato in perugia communion competition compositions comunità conch cone coneshaped confessio conifers consecrated conservators' apartment constantine constantine i constantine's foot constantine's i arch container contarelli contarelli chapel contemporary convent convento dei ss. quaranta conversion cook cops copy of original from 3rd and 2nd century bc corinthian corinthian capitals corinthian columns cornaro cornelius coronation coronation of the virgin known as the oddi altarpiece corpses corridor corridor moving south toward the sistine chapel cosimo counterfacade. inner wall country countryside courtyard courtyard of the palazzo dei conservatori of the musei capitolini covered head capite velato crain crains crash created creeper cremated place of julius caesar crenellated tower crepuscular crib crispolti cristofari croce cross crossbones crossing crouching crowd crucified crucifix crucifixion crypt crystals cup cupid cupids cupola curia curling curling their leaves curtains curvilinear curvilinear tympanum cypress d'alençon dabo daddi dancing faun dancing trees dannunzio dante dante alighieri danube danube in europe daphne daphnis dark dark blue date 100ad199ad date 1300 date 1330 date 1423 date 14451510 date 1465 date 1472 date 1475 date 1477 date 1481 and 1482 date 1484 date 1496 date 1501 and 1504 date 15051506 date 1507 date 1510 date 15101515 date 1513 date 1515 date 1521 date 15321533 date 1540 date 15431546 date 1580 date 1590 date 1603 date 1667 date 16th century date 1827 date 1998 date 1st century ad date 1st century bce date 2005 date 81 96 ad date brought to light in rome on 14 january 1506 from the hellenistic original date c 1576 date c. 14811482 date c. 1482 date c. 1562 date c. 1620 date c.14751480 date first century bc date florence 1435 venice 1488 date florence 14841525 date midway through the 2nd century ad dates 1502 1503 dates 1511 to 1513 dates 1511 to 1514 dates 1518 to 1520 dates 1582 to 1584 dates 1605 to 1606 dates 1616 to 1617 dates 1618 to 1619 dates 1621 to 1622 dates 1622 to 1624 dates 1623 to 1624 dates 1623 to 1676 dates c. 15061508 is the only painting by michelangelo in florence and is considered one of the masterpieces of the xvi century italian art dates c. 1593 to 1595 dates c. 1600 1604 david day 1 day 11 day 11 pm day 4 day 4 am dec 7 december december 7 1941 deconsecrated decorated by raphael immediately after the segnatura deep blue deep red defense defensive dei palafrenieri deified antonia minor del colle del vecchio e nuovo mondo deliverance deliverance of saint peter della della prosperita demon deposition deposition from the cross deridder designed by baldassarre peruzzi designed by michelangelo himself john the baptist in the foreground and contains five ambiguous nude male designing detto di cristofano di vinci diana diatesseron dice dichorisandra dichorisandra thyrsiflora diego rodriguez de silva y valazquez dimensional dinner diogenes dioscuri twins dirty dirty harry disciples discus disputation disputation over the most holy sacrament distinctly renaissance appearance divine divine illumination doctor dog dogs dogs decorating this roman funerary box dome domenichino domenico domenico guidi dominican domitian donatello donatello crucifix doni madonna doni tondo donor donors door door of the apostles doors doria doria pamphili gallery doric column dosio double portrait dove dragon drama dramatic dream drink drum drusus major duck ducks duke of urbino dumbwaiter pulley duomo dusk dwelling eagle earthly east east west line ebraica eccremocarpus ecstasy eden effigy egypt egyptian egyptian obelisk elements elephant elevator emblem emblems embrace embracing emotional emperor empty empyrean encounter encounter of leo the great with attila endormi engine enrico entombed entrance entrance at palatine hill entrance to capitol hill entrance to palatine hill entrance to pantheon entrence to capitol hil episodes episodes of the old testament equestrian equestrian statue of marcus aurelius eruption ethereal ethics etruscan eucalyptus euclid eudossiana eudossiana basilica europa europe evangelist eve evening eventide evergreen evergreen packaging warehouse executioner exedra exhibition exodus extended nave exterior exterior of santa croce exterior view eye fabriano facade facchino face factory falcataria falcataria moluccana fall fall of the rebel angels familia familia crispolti family famous philosophers fan father fattori faun faustina façade fear fear is a lier federico federico fiori fedi feet felice female female bust femminile fence fiat panda ficherelli fifth figural figurative figure figures filipepi filippino filippino lippi filippo filippo lippi final finger fiorelli fiori firenze first floor 2nd floor to americans first niche to the right of the entrance five o'clock five o'clock tree five petals flame flaminia flaminio flaminio quarter flare fleur de lis flight floating floating figures flood street floor florence florence cathedral florentine florentius flower flowering flowering tree flowers fofli fog freezing foggini foglie di pietra fonseca fontana del moro fontana della barcaccia fontana gioacchino belli food fool the eye foot footpath ford ford island forest formerly at palace giustiniani forum foul founder fountain fountain in the form of a hornshaped drinking cup rhyton signed by pontios marble fountain of neptune fountain of one hundred priests fountain of the four rivers fountain of the pantheon fountains fountains at the corner of via delle quattro fontane and via venti settembre street of the four fountains and street twenty september fountian four four corners four corners of the world four corners of the world asia america africa europa four dogs four great rivers four petals four rivers four seasons fragment of a frieze with griffin fragment of a lost altarpiece fragment of fresco with marine life frame edge frances francesca francesco francesco di cristofano francesco granacci francesco maria ii della rovere franchi antonio francis francis alys freezing fresco fresco is from the library of the sixtus iv fresco stained glass frescoed frescoed barrel vaults frescos friedman frieze frigidarium cold baths from 1816 in rome and from 1820 in the vatican from nemi ships from the church of s. salatore in force ascoli piceno from the floor from the series of 'costellazioni' from the villa of livia at prima porta from via del teatro di marcello front entrance front of sarcophagus frozen fruit fruits frutta fugitives full cold moon full moon funeral funi furius furius camillus breaking treaty with gauls gabriel gaddi gaius caesar gaius caesar as adult galilei galileo galleria galleria accademia galleria borghese galleria delle carte geografiche galleria lapidaria gallery gallery of maps galley gallows ganges ganges in asia ganymede garbage garden garden of the fugitives gate gate aurelian walls gatehouse gates gaulli gauls gbe saint andrea de scaphis geese genesis gentile da fabriano gentileschi gentle geografiche geometry germanicus gerrit van honthorst gesu gesù gethsemane ghiberti's ghirlandaio giacinto giambologna gian lorenzo bernini giardino delle rose garden gibbous ginger giorgio giorgio vasari giottesque giotto giotto di bondone giovan giovan battista gaulli giovan lorenzo bernini and collaborators giovane giovane con canestro frutta giovanni giovanni antonio dosio giovanni battista giovanni battista parodi giovanni domenico cerrini giovanni medici giovanni odazzi gipsoteca girl girolamo giulio giulio foggini giuseppe colignon giuseppe fiorelli giustiniani glass globe amaranth globosa gloomy gloriae glory glowing gnaccarini god god the father going up gold goldbacked golden golden shrimp plant gomphrena gomphrena globosa gothic gothic jail gothic revival gothic revival architecture graffiti grafitti granacci great great cloister great synagogue of rome greek green gregorian gregory gregory ix gregory the great griffin grinder groin groin vault grotesques grottoes grottoesque ground ground floor ground view group guard guards guidi guns halberd halfdome hall hall 1014 hall 2 giotto the 13th century hall 7 gentile da fabriano hall 8 filippo lippi hall of the captains hall of the eagles hall of the geese hall of the shewolf hall of the triumphs halls of the horti of maecenas hand handforth handrail hang down hanging hanging jail hans memling harbor hard hard rime hawaii hawaiian islands haywood haywood county head head covered head of medusa head perhaps replaced heaven heliodorus hellenistic prince hemigraphis hemigraphis alternata hemispherical heracleitus heraclitus herb herculaneum hercules hercules and cacus hercules at rest heresy hermaphrodite hernando hernando de soto bridge herod hibiscus hibiscus flower hibiscus rosasinensis chinese hibiscus high altar high alter high relief high renaissance high speed train ride highlighted hike hike to san miniato al monte hirticus historical history hole hole in stone for supporting canopy rods holofernes holy holy cross holy family holy name holy spirit holy trinity homeless homonymous homonymous square honor honor poet honthorst horoscope of agostino chigi horrea hot baths hot day hot springs house house of augustus domus augusti house of terentius house of the vestal virgins human hunt ice icon iconography ignatius ignazio ihs ihs aureole ihσουσ iiale il battistero di san giovanni illumination illusion illusionistic ilriposo images imagination impact impression in priestly role in the basilica of loreto in the year 1590 incorporated incredulity of st thomas incredulity of st thomas 1633 by pietro paolo bonzi indian induno bus stop infant infinitude inflorescences inlaid marble innocent innocent iii inquisition inscription inside inside san miniato al monte inspiration inspired institution intense interaction interior interior chapel intertwined inverted iphone iron iron museum isaac island italian italian country italian countryside italian renaissance italy ivory ivory mask ivy ix ixora ixora coccinea ixoreae jacopo jacopo bassano jail jail cell jailers' quarters jailhouse james james the elder japan japanese jean jeanmichel jeanmichel basquiat exhibition jerome jerusalem jesuit jesuits jesuits' jesus jesus painting jew jewish area jewish ghetto john john paul ii john the evangelist joints joseph joseph jesus judas maccabees jude jude thaddeus judith julius julius ii jump jumpers jumping juxtaposition keep food tempature keys keys of the kingdom of heaven kiefer kingdom kitchen kneel knocker ko'olau ko'olau mountains la la boca della verita la caccia di diana aka the hunt of diana lady lake lake nemi lamb lamentation lamps landscape lanscape lantern lanterns lanzi laocoon lapis lapis lazuli lapis lazuli veneered lapis lazuliveneered large fragment of an architrave with reliefs showing sacrificial instruments last fresco last painting last painting by the italian high renaissance master last supper lateran latin latin writing laurel laurel wreath laurence laying lazuli lead lead church lead church of the jesuits lead cistawater container leads leaf leaning leap leaves left left flavian palace domus flavia left fresco is perseus and the medusa by baldassarre peruzzi left of the high alter left pendentive judith left transept legros lens flare leo leo x leochares leonardo leonardo da vinci leonardo di vinci leonardo reti leopard head levi lewitt liberty library lie lier lies lifesize lifesize 170 cm light light trail lighter green lights lilies line lion lion bites the horse lion fountain lion head lion in entrance hall lippi lipstick lipstick tree lisieux list livia local locals located with saint maria sopra minerva basilica location location 2nd floor end of west corridor location botticelli room location entrance hall location gipsoteca bartolini nineteenth century hall location hall location hall 15 leonardo room location hall 35 michelangelo the florentines location hall 65 location hall 66 dedicated to raphael location leonardo room location near entrance location near exit location near the exit location pigna courtyard location suspected gipsoteca bartolini nineteenth century hall location the velvets room location tribuna room location tribune location tribune of david location vatican city location verone locks locomotive lodge lodge of love and psyche raphael giovanni of udine loeil loggia loggia della signoria loincloth lollipop lombardo long exposure long nights moon longexposure looking back at museo chiaramonti looking down looking down the nave to the crossing looking n looking n from san miniato al monte looking north on the via l. petroselli looking sw looking up looking up the dome of st peters looking west at the ponte vecchio over the arno river lookinig nw 294 degrees lorense lorenzo lorenzo lotto loreto lotto louis louisiana love love locks lovers low perspective loyola luca signorelli ludovico mazzanti luigi luigi capponi luigi pampaloni luke lunch lutea lyre maccabees macchiaioli macchina macedonian king macuteo obelisk madagascariensis madonna madonna and child madonna and child with st. anne aka dei palafrenieri madonna del sasso madonna di foligno medium oil tempera on wood panel transferred to canvas madonna of the well maestro maestro della pala sforzesca maestro lombardo magdalene magi makhmali making weapons male mallow malvaceae malvaceae family man mannerist map maple maps marble marble sarcophagus marcus aurelius marcus aurelius exedra marforio maria mariano rossi marine mark handforth market martius martyr martyrdom martyrs mary mary magdalene masaccio mascherone fountain mask masterpiece matthew matthew 16 19 maxxi maxxi museum mazzanti medallion medici medieval fish market medium bronze sculpture medium framework tempera on wood medium grease tempera on wood medium marble medium marble size medium model shaped in plaster medium oil and tempera on panel medium oil on canva medium oil on panel medium oil on wood monochrome drawing medium oil paint on canvas medium porphyry medium tempera medium tempera on linen medium tempera on wood medium tempera on wood ironstamped aureole and friezes medium variousmostly plaster casts medium white marble medusa melozzo melozzo da fofli memling memorial memphis men merged merisi meteropolitan metrosideros metrosideros polymorpha metrosideros polymorpha 'ohi'a lehua michelangelo michelangelo merisi michelangelo's moses midclass midclass dwelling middle bottem right side 1st sale venus on the chariot pulled by doves mighty mo mill mind minerva miniato minor basilica miracle missionary mississippi river. mississippi missouri mo model moderati modern modern art mokuleia molds moluccan moluccan albizia moluccana monk monkey monkeypod monks monogram monogram of christ mons saturnius monte monti monument monument of cardinal francesco mantica moon morning mosaic mosaic in the dome mosaic panels mosaic with a cat and ducks moses moses before the burning bush exodus 3 1 12 moses is 235 cm most holy most holy name of jesus most jesus mother church mother church of the jesuits motion motorcycle mount mount vesuvius mountain mountains mouth of truth movement mt. vesuvius muse musei capitolini museo museo dell opera di santa croce museo dellopera di santa croce museum museum alleria dell'accademia museum braccio nuovo museum galleria borghese museum galleria dell'accademia museum gregorian etruscan museum museum museo chiaramonti museum museum alleria dell'accademia museum palazzo doria pamphilj museum pio clementino museum museum uffizi museum uffizi gallery of florence museum uffizzi music mussoloni mysterious mystical mysticism name name adoration of the child name allegorical portrait of dante alighieri name amore psiche cupid and psyche name anna maria luisa de 'medici electress palatine anna maria name birth ov venus name boy with a dog name crouching venus medici collection name dame au voile aka the nun aka lady with the veil la monaca aka monaca name deposition name diptych of the duchess and duke of urbino name emperor domitian name ganymede and the eagle name huge red porphyry basin aka nero's bathtub name il facchino name judith slaying holofernes name madonna of the goldfinch name madonna of the pomegranate madonna della melagrana name madonna of the well name madonna with child and two angels name maestà the ognissanti madonna name medici faun dancing faun name medici vase name michelangelos david name musical angel name name the holy family with theinfant st. john the baptist known as doni tondo name nereid sitting on a seahorse name portrait cover name portrait of a man holding medallion name portrait of cosimo i in armour de' medici name primavera the spring name sacrifice of isaac name san girolamo medium oil on wood name sfera con sfera sphere within a sphere name the adoration of the magi name the apollino aka medici apollo aka apollo name the belvedere apollo name the monumental laocoon group aka laocoon and his sons name thriumph of duke federico da montefeltro name various name venus de' medici or medici venus aphrodite naples narrow national national archaeological museum national park national parks nativity natural colors nature trail naval war ship nave navel navona navy nc near accademia near basilica aemilia near entrance near pincian gardens near the winter solstice near theater of marcellus nearby sistine chapel necropolis needles nereid nero niccolini niccolo niccolo tornioli nicholas nicodemus nicolas de bar nicolò night nightfall nile nineteenth noah noah leaving the ark genesis 8 1520 nonfinito north north carolina north corner north shore north side novella november nun nuns nuovo oahu oak obelisk obelisk sallustiano ocean octagon oculus odazzi oddi of caligula offering oil oil on canvas oil on wood oil on wood transferred onto canvas oil panel painting oil tempera on wood panel transferred to canvas old glory old sacristy old testament olitorium on the capitoline hill on the capitoline hill above the west end of the forum one wall of the cella survives onlooker opera's museum santa croce oppio hill opposite the school of athens orange orange red orange tree orangered orb orcagna orellana ostrich ostrich plume our lady overhead line tram power lines ox head pachystachys pachystachys lutea pacific pacino packaging paddle paddle shaped leaves paint painted for the chapel of francesco maria ii della rovere painting painting of jesus in gethsemane palafrenieri palatine hill palatine hill from the house of vestal vestal virgins palatine museum museo palatino palazzo palazzo dei conservatori palazzo di giustizia palazzo farnese palazzo fonseca palazzo massimo palazzo nuovo palazzo senatorio palazzo vecchio palazzo venezia pale yellow palestrina palm palm tree pampaloni pamphili pamphilj pan panel panels pano panoramic pantheon papal papal altar papal coat of arms paper paper mill paradise parish park park bench park st park street parodi parrocel part of a series of bronze sculptures on this theme that can be found in prime locations all over the world. partial side aisles paschal candlestick passionvm path patriarchs pattern paul pavonazzetto marble pazzi pazzi chapel is in santa croce peace pearl pearl harbor pecora pecora e agnello aka sheep and lamb peddel car pedestrian way penal penal institution pendentive penitent pentecost people people to stars peperino perigee full moon perseus perspectival projection perspective peter petioles petri petunia petunias philip philosophers phocas piazza piazza campo de' fiori piazza del campidogilo piazza del campidoglio piazza del gesù piazza del popolo piazza della minerva piazza della rotonda piazza della signoria piazza di pietra piazza di san lorenzo piazza di spagna at the base piazza gerusalemme piazza navona piazza saint ignazio piazza san pietro piccarda piccarda de' medici pictum pier pier paolo cristofari piero della francesca pierre legros piers pieta pietro pietro di miniato pietro paolo bonzi pigeon pigeon river pigments pigna pilgrims pinacoteca pinacoteca vaticana pincian pincian gardens pine pink pink cone ginger pink petunia pink petunias pio piombo pius placard at the vatican provides few details place of worship plant plants plaque plaque erected by pope pius ix plaster plaster copy of augustus of prima porta plaster molds of victims from the mount vesuvius eruption platina plato playing accordion plaza plazza del campidoglio plazzo dei conservatori plebiscito plume pluto pm pm florence pod pods poetry poggibonsi pollux polveriera polymorpha polyptych pomegranate pompeii pompeii artifacts pompeii colosseum pond ponte sisto ponte sisto fountian ponte vecchio pontif pontifex maximus pontifex maximus the greatest chairman of the college of the pontifices pontiff pontifical pontifical swiss guard pontificate pope pope alexander vii pope iv pope iv appoints bartolomeo platina perfect of the vatican library pope urban viii came from the barberini family and their family weapon was a shield with three bees. family pride was very important for a lot of popes at this moment so they incorporated their family weapon in almost every building and artwork they commissioned. popes popolo porch porphyry porta porta del popolo porta settimiana porter possible dedicatory inscriptionbc of the senate in honor of lucius caesar pozzo practice prayer for christians. predella predella center predella right preparatory model prepompeii presentation pride prima prison cell prophets propylaeum proserpina prostrate psiche psyche ptolemy pumice stone pumice stone from mount vesuvius pupil purple purple leaves purpurata pyramid pythagoras racemes radicans rafaello sanzio raffaellino raffaellino del colle raffaello sanzio da urbino raggi rail rail car rain rain tree rainbow rainwater raised raised stones for crossing floods streets ram rape raphael raphael room raphael's rooms raphael's tomb rat with wings ravenala ravenala madagascariensis rays of light realism realistic realistic mysticism rear recently restored red red bracts red flame ivy red flower red ginger red ivy red ixora red ixora flower red vein red vein chinese lanterns red vein indian mallow red veining red wasp. wasp redbrown redeemer redvein redvein abutilon redvein flowering maple reference reflected reflection regni caelorum relic relics apostles relief reliquary remains remains of giovanni medici remains of piccarda de' medici remarks baroque remarks basin must once have embellished one of the large public spaces of imperial rome remarks carved wooden frame remarks considered to be a copy of a bronze statue of 330 320 bc by leochares remarks hellenistic model of venus surprised at her bath remarks in the summer of 1482 leonardo moved to milan and he left it unfinished remarks inscription sua cuique persona latin to each his own mask in 1867 the cover was sold by baron ettore de gerriod to the florentine galleries as a work by leonardo da vinci. previously attributed to raphael. in 1995 it was associated with the portrait of the woman by ridolfo del ghirlandaio remarks italian early baroque artist remarks look for small points showing rust remarks master of the high renaissance remarks neoattic sculpture remarks originally commissioned by the opera del duomo for cathedral of florenceit was meant to be one a series large statues positioned in niches cathedrals tribunesway up at about 80m from ground heavy remarks originally commissioned by the opera del duomo for the cathedral of florenceit was meant to be one of a series of large statues to be positioned in the niches of the cathedrals tribunesway up at about 80m from the ground to heavy remarks painter from florence remarks real bird wings science within art art within science remarks statue depicts a huge fractured orb remarks trojan priest laocoon and his two sons ensnared in the toils of the sea serpents sent by poseidon remarks unk remarks widowed with no children she came back to florence to face the monumental task of taking care of the succession of the medici. since her brothers also died without offspring she was the last of the medici family . february 18 remus renaissance renaissance architecture repair repair in the ceiling replaced replica reserve restaurant restoration restore restored restored by benvenuto cellini reti revival rhododendro ricci ridge ridolfo ridolfo del ghirlandaio aka ridolfo ghirlandaio right frame edge right of high alter right pendentive david right side right transept rim rim of the dome rime rinaldi rinaldo rinaldi ripples rise ristorante pizzaria la piazzetta di trasteve ritratto di innocenzo x river river nile river tiber river walk rivers road robust rock rocks rococo rods roman roman catholic roman forum roman forum from capitol hill roman forum from palatine hill roman ghetto roman wall romanelli romans rome rome study abroad romulus romulus and remus roncalli room room of heliodorus room of the triumphs rooms rosa rose mallow rosso fiorentino roughly life size round hall roundshaped row ruins near theater of marcellus ruins near theater of marcellus. theatro del marcello rust rut ruts río río de la plata in america s. petri gloriae sixtvs pp. v. a. m. d. xc. pontif. v. sabines sacrament sacred sacred heart church of the intercession sacrifice sacrifice of isaac genesis 22 114 sagrestia sagrestia vecchia saint saint agostino saint bernard saint giacinto saint jerome saint john saint john the baptist saint maria saint mary of the flower saint peter saint peter in chains saint peters saint peters basilica saints salviati saman samanea samanea saman san bernardo san carlo ai catinari dome left san girolamo san gregorio della divina pieta san lorenzo san lorenzo basilica san miniato al monte san pietro san pietro in vincoli sand sandro botticelli sandro botticelli alessandro filipepi sant' ignazio church sant'agostino sant'andrea della valle dome right sant'eustachio sant'eustachio district sant'ignazio church santa santa croce santa croce apse santa francesca santa maria santa maria dei trastevere santa maria del fiore santa maria del fiore cathedral santa maria del popolo santa maria dell' orazione e morte santa maria dell'orazione e morte santa maria della vittoria santa maria di trastevere santa maria in aracoeli basilica santa maria novella santa maria sopra minerva santi santi luca e martina santissimo nome di maria al foro traiano church of the most holy name of mary at the trajan forum sapphira sarcophagus sarcophagus cupids making and carrying weapons sarcophagus on the altar contains the relics of the apostles simon and jude thaddeus sarcophagus with scenes sarti satiro della valle saul scaber scale scale model of pompeii scalinata dell'ara coeli scaphis schlegel scholastica school of athens sculpture sculpture mary crucified jesus sculptures scurve sea sea spray seahorse seams seascape seat seated second floor secret secret cabinet seed segnatura selfportrait selfportrait of raphael semidome senatorial palace sensation of infinitude sensuous septimius serpent sesto settimiana shading shadow shadows sheep shewolf shield ship shoot shore shrimp shrub shrubbery shuttle shuttle boat side aisle side chapel side panels 168 83 cm sidways sign signature signorelli signoria silhouette silver silver tip on paper simon simone simulated simulated cupola sinensis single sinner sixteenth sixtus sixtus iv sixtus v sixtvs size 106x81 size 107 cm 77 cm size 116 cm 173 cm size 120 cm diameter size 130 x 136 cm size 14' size 172.5x278.5 size 199 162 cm size 200 210 cm size 246 cm 243 cm size 325x204 c. size 47x33c each panel size 57.5cm44cm size 65 x 48 size 74 cm 58 cm size 93x62.5 size 93x62.5 c size 96 x 131 cm size 98x217 size circumference of 13m size diam. 143.5 size larger than life sized size nearly 2 meters high size w1410 x h1720 mm size301x283 skull sky slave slaves sleep sleepers ii sleeping small tree smoking snake snake nude women society sofia soft spines sol lewitt son of augustus and future successor of the latter south south side spanish spanish steps spectabile spectator sphere spider spiky spinario spines spirit spray springs square sschlegel st st frances st francis st john st john the baptist st joseph st joseph and the holy child by vincenzo de rossi st thomas st. anastasio st. anne st. anne and the blessed virgin st. ignatius st. jerome st. paul st. peter st. peter's basilica st. peter's basilica center st. peter's square st. rasius s. erasio 1727 by francesco moderati stabiae stained stained glass staircase stairs stamens stanze di raffaello star stars and stripes statue statue giovanni statue of an angel statue of hercules in gilded bronze statue with many seams statues staue steam stefaneschi stefano stefano parrocel stem stephen stephen schlegel stephenschlegel steps sternenfall stone stone face stone thermos stones stove street streets streets of florence structure stucco subtropical subway subzero suffering sufferings sun sun ray sun rise sundown sunk sunken sunken battleship sunset suore oblate dell'assunzione supermoon supper supporting supreme court of cassation italy swiss symbol synagogue florence synogague system szoldaticz tabernacle table tabularium tabularium capitoline museum taken to paris in 1797 talking talking statues talking statues of rome telonium tempera tempera grassa on wood tempera on wood tempera on wood panel temple temple of antoninus and faustina temple of apollo sosianus temple of bellona temple of castor and pollux temple of hadrian. 11 columns temple of vespasian and titus temple of vesta temples tender tenebrism tennessee tepidarium teresa terme stabiane terminal terracotta statues of seated goddesses from a sanctuary at ariccia testa testis testis christi passionvm thaddeus the baptism of christ the coat of arms of agostino chigi the crouching aphrodite of doidalses the crucifix the door of the people the fifth of his pontificate the fountain of moses the fresco vault is framed by a trompe l oeil aka fool the eye architecture the fruit colors of old and new world the great cloister the hall of the perspective views the loggia of cupid and psyche the loggia of galatea the loggia of psyche takes its name from the decoration frescoed on the vault in 1518 by raphael and his workshop representing episodes the porter the rape of proserpina aka pluto and proserpina the redeemer the stefaneschi triptych the vatican theater of marcellus theology they are symbols of faith thirstry this preparatory model in clay and straw was meant for the bronze casting of the angel located to the right of the tabernacle of the ss sacrament in saint peters basilica. the altar was commissioned to bernini by pope urban viii bernini but was released years later between 1673 and 1674 under clement x altieri. thomas three three dimensional thyrsiflora tiber tiberius tibi tibi dabo claves regni caelorum timeus tiny flowers titular to the glory of st peter tomb tomb of cosimo tomb of the apostle peter tombs top top of spanish steps tornioli torture toulouse tourist commission towards the end of the visit traffic tragedy trail train train station trajan trajan forum trajan's column trajan's forum trajan's market trajan's markets tram transept transepts transferred to canvas transfiguration transport transversal gallery trash trastevere traveler palm traveller tree traveller's traveller's palm traveller's tree treasure of san lorenzo tree trees triangular triangular tympanum tribune trinita trinity trinità dei monti triptyc triptych trireme triumphant triumphant church triumphing tromp tromp loeil tropical tropical plant trumpet trumpet creeper trumpet vine tryptic tubular tubular flowers tunnel tuscan tuscan order twilight twisted twisted branches two bronze trees tympanum uffizi uffizzi ulisse ulisse cambi underground underground gallery underground passage underground passage connecting the two buildings underneath the church unfinished unique united states navy unkempt unsettled up upside down urban urbino urn urn holds the body of st. ignatius urn of st. ignatius us us navy usa usn uss uss arizona memorial uss missouri v vadamalli valazquez valley valor vapor various various artist various dates vasari vatican vatican city vatican inside the dome vatican necropolis vatican view from st peters basilica dome vaticanday and night vault vault of the crossing vault repair vecchia vein velvets velvit velvit wallpaper veneered venus venus de' medici vernio vesta vestal virgins vestibule vesuvius via via alessandrina via degli annibaldi via del corso via del plebiscito via del portico di ottavia via della polveriera via flaminia via girolamo induno via giulia via l. petroselli via luisa di savoia via vittorio veneto viale viale san paolo del brasile vice victims victor emmanuel ii monument victor emmanuel monument victoria view from capitoline hillcapitoline museum cafe' view from musei capitolini view from palatine hill view from palatine hill west view from st. peters dome view from the baylon café view from window view north corridor west view of florence view of florence looking ne view of gate of saint nicholas view of mount vesuvius from the forum view of rome looking sw from viale g. dannunzio and iiale della trinita del monti villa villa borghese villa farnesina vincenzo vincenzo de rossi vincoli vine vines virgin virgin child virgin mary vision vision of st. ignatius vittoria voids volkswagen volute vortex vw waffle waffle plant waimea waimea bay waimea valley waiting in line waiting in line to take the elevator waiting to catch a taxi waiting to catch the tram walk above florenece walking along lungotevere marzio walking along the tiber walking around walking to our next adventure walking trail walkway wall walls walls del popolo warehouse warship watching local cops water water foul water fountain waterfall wave wax waxing waxing gibbous weapon wedding banquet of cupid and psyche west west side of the belvedere courtyard western western north carolina wheel wheel ruts white white stucco wilderness window windows winter wisdom witness witness christ suffering women wood work of art working working hole world world war ii world war ii valor in the pacific national monument worn worship wreath wrought wrought iron ww 2 ww ii ww2 wwii yellow yona yona friedman young youth zamoyska zenobius zingiber zingiber spectabile zoroaster
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